I spent my childhood between the almost entirely Jewish world of the Upper West Side, New York, and the entirely non-Jewish world of a provincial small town in the middle of England where my Quaker Swiss grandmother and English Aunties and Uncles cared for me each summer and during one school year; I am an only child but in the brisk British summers I became part of a huge network of cousins. I am happily married to a theoretical physicist, we are raising three teenagers together.


I strive to see the world in unexpected ways—to see what is there, not what is supposed to be there—to write outside the box, and to portray experiences and fiction in counterintuitive ways. Many of us now have complex IDs, identities across a range of races genders, abilities, and habits. I would like my voice as a writer to speak to at least some of these multi-modal identifications and to bring awareness to and celebrate differences. I hope that my novel, Rare Stuff, contributes to this work.