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Brett Ashley Kaplan

Professor and Author at the University of Illinois

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 12.07_edited.png

Melia Kaplan-Hartnett

CSU Student Studying Painting and Media Studies, Website editor, photos on Kaplan and Rare Stuff

Caroline Mckinzie

Photographer, photo on Kaplan

Portrait of Brett Ashley Kaplan

Markus Winkler

Photographer, photo on Kaplan for the Contact us page

Luis Cortész

Photographer, photo on Kaplan and Endorsements


Brenda Thompson

PR Consultant

James Friedman_2_BW_72ppi.jpg

James Friedman

Photographer, photo on Articles

Julie Mehretu

Painter, photo on Kaplan and Future Projects, Photo Credit: Cathy Carver  


Cotwright Photography

Photo on Contact us lightbox 


Merrilee Luke Ebbeler

Photographer, photo on Contact us

Portrait of James Friedman

Heather Gillett

Graphic Designer, photo on Contact us

Portrait of Brett Ashley Kaplan

Ignacio Arráez

Photographer, photo on Newsroom of camera

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